We are a professional community dedicated to the advancement of our industry.

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The MMA strives to advocate, understand new legislation, and make a positive impact on the mortgage industry. Join us to learn and make a difference.

Member Outreach

We value our members and listen to them. Whether it be honoring them with awards or holding events at places that work well for them, we strive to reach out to everyone in our industry.


The MMA prides itself on knowing industry standards and helping others grow in the mortgage industry. Future Mortgage Leaders sets people up for success, for example, while we have links to many helpful sources online.


From condos to reverse mortgages to legal changes, the MMA educates its members through round tables, breakfast panels, and conventions.


Meet leaders in the industry, make new connections, and grow in your knowledge of MN’s mortgage industry.


If you want to be even more involved, join a committee to develop events, create communication, build membership, and more.

Member Discounts

Members save on golf, the annual convention, and other events which can add up fast!

Industry Tools

We provide many industry tools ranging from online resources to opportunities to hear from and network with top professionals.

Compliance Info

We have speakers and resources who talk about compliance, new laws, and how the mortgage industry is affected.

Mortgage Products

We have Future Mortgage Leaders where you can learn about the industry from cradle to grave. We also have roundtables on condos, underwriting, and more to go in depth in certain areas.

MN Real Estate

We offer member pricing for realtors. We learn about how we can support each other in our industries.

Membership Types & Pricing


$595 for 1-5 Originators

$995 for 6-15 Originators

$1,395 for 16-30 Originators

$1,795 for 31-75 Originators

$2,595 for 76-100 Originators

$4,395 for 100+ Originators

Membership in this classification is open to any retail lender, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or individual licensed as, or acting as a mortgage lender or broker. Members are eligible to serve on the board, vote in association matters, and serve as president.


$1,295 per year

Affiliate membership is open to individuals, partnerships, or corporations providing goods or services to mortgage lenders and brokers. 

Members are eligible to serve on the board, vote in association matters, and serve as president.


$1,295 per year

This category includes wholesalers and business-to-business lenders. 

Members are eligible to serve on the board, vote in association matters, and serve as president.



Nonprofits or government-affiliated agencies may also become members.

This is a non-voting membership.

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